‘One 2 One’ Bespoke Service

One 2 One Service

When you first arrive in The Costa Brava, you may need a helping hand. I can work with you on an hourly basis, to help you save valuable time. For private families etc I charge 20€ per hour +IVA also plus Fuel.

I normally charge 40€ + IVA per hour for corporate work, it can be for companies who need help with upgrading image etc or companies who wish to break into the Costa Brava. I can provide translators, and this included translators for written documents or websites.

However if I work with you house hunting for a day the charge may vary depending on the work, believe me I can save you days of wasted time. I take your ‘Wish List’ and carefully pre find the houses you are after.

House Hunting

(Our ‘One.2.One’ relocation service)

As well as arranging property viewings, I will ascertain your budget and arrange pleasant accommodation for you. Saving you an enormous amount of money in travel costs, I know that apart from the wasted time, the cost of doing it all yourself will work out to be far more.

I also know good agents up and down the coast and inland (commissions vary). They speak good English. So rather than tie you in to one agent in one area, I will take your ‘wish list’ and approach a number of agents for the right houses.  I will visit houses on your behalf and make sure that by the time you fly over, you will only be visiting the shortlist. Believe me; the amount of wasted time and effort you will save will be very valuable. For this service I work on a day rate and will pre-arrange this before you come, so there will be no hidden charges. The pre-view charge will be arranged before the visit.

I developed this service because some people have told me that they wasted many hours with certain agencies who insisted upon showing them properties which had little to do with their requirements.

The agents I introduce are reputable, local, agents of all nationalities, whom I trust  (Not all listed in the Showcase), I give them your ‘wish list’ and they come back with a few houses, I visit them on your behalf and as long as I have a really clear wish list, I can disregard any that in my opinion are a waste of time. When I do eventually ask you over for a viewing, I can take you up and down the coast to the right kind of properties. Which also gives you a chance to make sure that the area you choose to live in, is in fact the right one, and the same applies with purchasing parcels of land.

Fill in this form (Wish List) if you are searching for houses and I will save you hours of legwork. Read the section on Estate Agents, but there are still amny more.


I spent many hours worrying about where to send our children to school. I would like to share my findings with other worried parents.

I would however suggest you think very seriously if you intend to move a child who is already in an English secondary school. Moving children at primary level can work well, but older children do have a more difficult time, we have 1st hand experience in this. The system here is much more like the older British system, sticking to the main curriculum, with less varied subjects. The culture shock to a British teenager can be massive.

Children are tested in both primary and secondary levels, all through the school year and if they are not able to pass enough exams at the end of the year it’s not unusual to be asked to repeat, there is no way out of this, even if you change schools the next year would still be repeated. This does mean that children don’t slip through the net, but it also means that less academic students can find it harder. 

Children in Spain go to secondary school 1 year later than the UK. Primary schools in Spain are in many ways better, with less of the political correctness seen now in the UK, a teacher will play with the children in a much friendlier way and adults are not seen as a threat, this also means that you see more male teachers at primary level, which is a bonus for boys.

At secondary level, and once children are fluent in Catalan, the Catalan private schools may offer a good option, however there is more snobbery here than in English private schools. I would not recommend English speaking private schools if you want your children to integrate. However, unlike the state schools Extra Catalan lessons are not given by the private schools, so you need to add private language lessons to your school fee budget. Most private schools wear uniforms, some don’t which can fuel the problem of competitive designer clothes.

State schools really help with Catalan, giving up to 11 or 12 extra lessons per week. Younger children pick up the language quite fast, for example, when we came my youngest daughter was 8 years old, she was chattering away and nicely integrated within 6 months. But if there are other English children or if you are not English, other children who speak your language, try to discourage the school by putting them in the same class. it seems kinder, but in the long run they will take far longer to integrate with the others.

State school children don’t wear uniform, except for sport, there is usually a school track suit, which is worn on the days when your children do PE, also these are often worn on school trips.

All Spanish schools charge for the books at the beginning of each year, these can be quite a few hundred euros depending on the age.

Some schools are now teaching certain subjects in English, this varies from school to school.

There are Private Spanish Schools (less expensive than the UK)

Semi Private Schools  (These vary, I would recommend some and not others, call me to discuss)

International schools (Only in Barcelona or further south, also less expensive than the UK)

Spanish State schools (In Catalonia/Costa Brava the language is Catalan not Spanish)


General Services:

You may need help which is not mentioned here. I have even worked with people who have bought a property from an agent but then realise they need help on the ground, if they are not in The Costa Brava all the time. I can take care of the property, check it regularly. organise maintenance or any other general help you may require. Using Brava Connect and our colaborating companies, you can be assured of a caring and cost effective service.