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A Great local Architect & Surveyor?

If you are anything like me, when one says ‘Architect’ I think of a man, although I have contacts who are male architects and they are excellent, I can now give you a choice, you may be more comfortable with a man, but may I introduce you to a lady as well.

As well as the architectural work on new builds, extensions, retaining walls etc. Rosa will act solely as a surveyor on a house purchase. This is something wich the English miss when bying property here, it’s harder to find a surveyor. Look no further! If  you are having trouble selling a Costa Brava home, why not let Rosa visit and advice you.

This lady is very talented and perhaps having a female perspective on your design could be useful. For example who best to design a kitchen? Rosa pointed this out to me herself and she’s right, when it comes to the intricacies of designing a home (not just a house) a women knows what we need.

So let me formally introduce you to Rosa, who’s company will lead you through the whole process of designing your dream home with ease and efficiency. Rosa’s company offers a new concept of architecture. It integrates service of both Project manager and architect to help build or renovate your home on time and within budget. She is your partner in charge of every detail that will save you time, money and let you relax during the process. Her sister Cristina is the Manager, so this really is a family concern.

(see Rosa’s credentials at the bottom of the page.)

Introducing RosaRosa’s company offers a free consultation which includes:

A visit to your home or site to determine rough approximations of work, time and possible opportunities and threats.

Outline of possible works drawn up by award-winning architect.

Agree project parameters in general, including setting a budget, agreeing a timeline and building your team.

We work in all areas of the Costa Brava. From Barcelona to The French border. 


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How do they do it?  Their project management process consists of the following:  Planning the exact phases of the Project, works, budget and calendar.

Coordinating and overseeing the project according to the agreed schedule. Regular feedback on our computer system via an access key given.

Applying for license of works.

Do works – regular feedback as in project.

Apply to companies for connecting electricity, water gas, other services.

Present documents for final completion.

Rates Outsource your project management with us. We will form a high-quality local project team to deal with any bureaucracy or issues to help speed-up the completion of your project. Take away the stress and have the comfort of knowing your project will be completed to your highest satisfaction for as little as 3 – 5% of the total project budget.

For this additional amount you will get:

A timetable of work closed.

A budget closed.

A single contact person who oversees and coordinates the entire process.

A system of efficient work.

The release of stress.

Call now to speak with a Project Manager to learn more about our services and how we can help.

A service designed for you

Highest quality, in time on budget we offer you all our years of experience in this field to release you from stress.

Easy communication in English and a single contact for your project.

Follow your project from a remote location with our technology.

Your trusted local partner to help you to deal with paperwork and unexpected bureaucratic problems.

Their services are designed to save you time and money, so you make fewer trips and can communicate online with your English-speaking project manager anytime.

The Technology

The production process uses informational tools and regular communication to keep the client informed at all times and to help expedite the development of the project.

It runs with absolute transparency between those involved in the process.

Submit regular online customer information on the dates agreed.

Using a code, the client can access their site within our website and view the status of the project images, maps or videos.

Automatic SMS or email updates of compliance with agreed terms, or other areas.

At the signing of a contract, a password is given to the client to access all available tools.

Rosa’s credentials  as TECHNICAL DIRECTOR

“I am Senior Architect. I studied at the School of Architecture and ended in 1984. While studying I also worked in architectural offices. I established my professional office when I finished my studies and have managed the firm ever since. I have worked on over 500 projects from new construction to rehabilitation.

In 2009 I took a post degree in Project Management in Construction, approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

I have a dynamic and practical character and a female sensibility which provides an addition asset to my experience as an architect.”