People Search/ Job Search

People Search/ Job Search

I was asked to add this page by company owners. It seemed to link nicely to all the services, and if it means that a few people will find work opportunity then it’s done it’s job. There are some really good people out there and there are some great companies needing the right staff, it’s just a case of letting them find each other.

If you run a company and need a good new people, please come and talk to me. I won’t always have these people on my books, but I may well be in a good position to help.

In the same vain please let me know if you are looking for work. if you are please call first so I can talk to you, then post me your CV and I’ll pass it on to a few local companies.

All jobs are important, so don’t think that they won’t be interested in you, you may be very surprised how many people need your particular skills.

  • Have you experience in The Financial Services industry? Are you looking for a challenging new opportunity?

This successful Financial company is expanding, seeking quality people from all over Spain, Do you live near enough to cover Barcelona? to work with Ian within this region as well as the Costa Brava/Catalunya? If so this could be the job for you. If you are Catalan, Spanish or any other nationality, male or female and you speak good English we currently have opportunities for experienced Financial Advisers. If you are ethical, hard-working, constantly willing to improve your knowledge and expand your experience, and believe that your client’s interests and needs are paramount, then you could well fit in to our expanding team.

We offer a no-obligation, informal chat to give you the opportunity to find out more about us and the services we offer to both our valued clients and our well-respected team.
You should be qualified to either FPC 1,2 & 3 or have achieved the Award in Financial Planning offered by the CII
If you would like more information please contact Penny
  • A great way to continue working at what you do best, with a professional team behind you.

Are you working alone here in The Costa Brava?

Maybe you’re Autonomous, or perhaps you’re not but know you should be.

What about an alternative option? More security for hard working enthusiastic people. The perfect answer in this crisis. Joining this professional team within this rapidly expanding Costa Brava company. You stay independent, but they give you the support and back up you may need.

They are seeking people just like you, and in some cases you don’t have to move out of your area. You can carry on with your clients and they’ll help you to find new ones. Working alone suits some but for others having people to bounce ideas off etc is very helpful. With the recession in full flow many people are feeling less secure. They can offer:-

  • Experience
  • Financial stability for cash flow problems, capital purchases etc
  • Insurance
  • Illness cover.  What happens to a small business if the owner is ill?

Basically to be a part of a much bigger entity, but as a part, not an employee or someone to be discarded.

Are you any one of these people?

  • A one Man Estate Agent.
  • Look after Rental Property.
  • Do you take care of Holiday property.
  • A Pool Maintenance expert.

 So contact Brava Connect and we will put you in touch. see Contact us