Architects, Builders, Renovations.

Architects, Building, Renovations, Window installation, Water retainers,

Building new Swimming Pools.

During the recession many people are choosing to stay in their properties and add value to them, rather than selling at knock down prices. Adding value to your home can often be done by adding a new kitchen or bathroom, maybe an extension. There are numerous ways to put value on a house, or just improve a tired looking house and make it into something special. I have some companies, showing here and on other areas on Brava Connect. So many companies undertake a mix of different services. The hardest task is finding the right man, or women for the job, I have many contacts I mention a few here but I have others.

One lady I spoke to had had similar experiences to me asking companies to quote and then when they came back she was astounded at some of the outrageous prices she’d been given. One company even wanted to charge her for picking up the materials for the job.

Sometimes being a foreigner is extremely frustrating, most of us are prepared to pay a reasonable price for a job well done, but none of us like to feel foolish.

ARCHITECTS I can also introduce you to English speaking, local architects  who can design you your dream home, whether you are looking for ultra modern or a character property they will guide you through your choices.  The law here insists on an architect; so you can’t draw up your own plans and put them in for planning permission as one is able to do in the UK, you are obliged to use a local architect. They are recommended and it’s so important to be able to talk in English when making a life changing decision like building a home.

I am showcasing a very interesting architect called Rosa, (see this link for her page) who is extremily versatile with her designs. I have other contacts as well. It makes sense to begin with the architect and then go on to the other services, many builds begin with the architect.

Fireplace Before and After

Let me introduce you to local builders, or painters and decorators I have a number of contacts and will be pleased to put you in touch with them.

Sometimes I can arrange more than one quote.

Often it is not that you want a house built, you may just require a simple job like the one on the right, where the log burner was far too close to the wall and burning the plaster. The client wanted Begur stone which is the hardest stone to get and the most expensive and she also wanted a rustic effect. The result was a great success.


Building company led by a professional woman

I now have the pleasure to introduce a local building company, run by a husband wife team. The wife Monse is very ‘hands on’ she is a sophisticated women who knows what other women need and her builds reflect this. She understands the design of a working kitchen, of good cupboard pace around the house and what we like in our bedrooms. They will also work with you if you need a pool etc, designing and landscaping, all to suit your personal requirements. She speaks English, but as a local, she can offer that extra knowledge.

House For Sale – Built on the Golf Santa Cristina d’Aro


I can pass you to Lindsay for example who can add value to your property by building terraces and then encasing them with windows, so that you can get the best from the terrace all year round. He provides some really fabulous double glazed windows to suit all homes. He also specialises in other renovations. And you will find him on the Page for Windows. His other speciality is bathrooms and kitchens, from more affordable prices to the higher de-luxe end of the market.


I have other contacts who are not mentioned here, but whom I can also call on. It does rather depend on the type of work and how you wish it to be carried out.

I recommend a number of local Development companies run by helpful people.  I can work alongside some of these companies to make sure you receive the best help.  They can not only build your dream house from scratch, but can also undertake renovation work in older properties. Using our Financial Advisor you may be able to find the extra cash to do some necessary work in your home.  Also see Currency Exchange, whatever you do don’t use the bank, the money these companies can save you in currency transfers, will allow you to do so much more with your new home.Rules and regulations are different in Spain and using a local developer is beneficial. I hope with my help you will enjoy a smooth process. My team can make the introduction and work alongside you as much or as little as you want. Having someone you can call when you’re not in Spain, to check on how things are proceeding can be very useful. I am not officially a clerk of work, but I can be your eyes and ears. (see one 2 one)

Land prices are less than they were, but not as low as the South of Spain, but again may I reiterate that due to a firmer legal system, you are much safer purchasing land here.