Care for Elderly, Post Operation, Disabled.

A Service for the Elderly, Disabled, Sick or Post Operation Patients.

covering the entire Costa Brava, inland and right down the coast to Tarragona.

Before I met Ruurd, One of the owners of this company, Finny his assistant and later partner Sergio, I had not considered the wide range of services that they could provide, or for that matter what help and equipment we the public might need.  I was under the impression that they just looked after senior citizens in their own homes, how wrong I was!

Ruurd explained that they provide a very diverse service. There are so many situations when these services can be useful, and it doesn’t have to be regular, it may be helpful for a short time.  Perhaps you have a sick spouse and you need to go away for any amount of time, even just for a day.  Or you need someone to come in and give your partner or relative lunch and have a chat with them. Or bath them, or in some cases stay a few nights.

Or you have an elderly parent who is living with you and you’d like this service on a regular basis. You may feel this is for you, perhaps you are living alone and you realise that you are not well enough to do everything yourself, you may not require nursing, but someone to do your shopping, or cook a meal would be such a help.

Some of older people need to go shopping with the carer to stay stimulated.  This can also be arranged.

In some cases you need the carer to have nursing qualifications, for others it’s more general household help.  Then there is the matter of language.  As people get older, they tend to revert to ‘mother tongue’. Although this is a Dutch company, they can arrange help in Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Catalan. etc, so none of their clients need to worry about communication.

Other Suggestions:

  • Panic buttons, worn around the neck, which are linked to the Red Cross, once pressed, help will be on its way. You can now feel more secure.
  • Hospital visits, you can be picked up from your home, and driven to your appointment. Or for an emergency.
  • Medical Paperwork, can be a nightmare especially if it’s in Spanish or Catalan. They can sit with you and explain what it all means, or help you to fill in the appropriate forms.
  • Days out, I was impressed to hear that they take their regular clients out for occasional day trips at cost price. This is a great way to give the family a rest for a few hours, and a great deal of fun for the client.

Specialist equipment,  which can be hired, this is ideal for short illnesses, maybe just out of hospital, or if you have a disabled or elderly relative or friend coming to stay for example:  

Raised toilet seats.
Special shower seating. 
Shower/Bath chair.
Bed high/low.
4 bed heighteners (27 cm).
Home trainer.
Over-bed table.
Walking frame.
Anti wound mattress.
Bed pans.
Trapeze bar.
Mattress protector.
Hoist electric.
Hoist manual.
Toilet Chair and bin.
Urine bottle.
Walking stick.

They will also advise you if they feel that your relative is in need of more care than they can have at home.  Then put you in touch with the right organisations.  They made one thing very clear to me, the govenment  of Calalonia have a number or measures in place to help the elderly and you can be given some very good information.  So you will get some first class advice.

So you can see this service will appeal to a wide section of the local community.  It may even be the decision maker, to stay in Spain or move back to your original country. Many of us want to stay, but are worried about our old age, or if we get sick. No need to worry now, help is always at hand!

An alternative post hospital care package is with a trained nurse in her apartment in Calonge. If you are not quite ready to return home from a spell in hospital, why not spend some time here? Ellen will take care of you dress wounds or administor medicines, go on link above.