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It isn’t every day that I meet someone to whom I can really identify, someone who’s ethos professionally is so close to mine that is seems remarkable. But Olivier is a man with strong convictions, regarding quality service, with massive enthusiasm and dogged determination to make a difference in a very competitive environment. Olivier is French but his love for The Costa Brava is clear and providing something for local people is of paramount importance to him, he went to The Université Val-de-Marne in Paris, Institut Européen de Commerce et Gestion and also Northumbria University in the UK, so his English is top quality.

I also have a special interest in what they do as if you read ‘About us’ I passionately sold contact cleaning for a number of years, first in the West End of London and later in the Home Counties. You may say ‘How can a person be passionate about contract cleaning? but believe me it’s actually a very worthwhile service to sell, after a while it becomes quite addictive.

Olivier and his partner Mar, have gone to great lengths to provide a really diverse and necessary service. designed to suit the Costa Brava. They have their original Barcelona office as well, and offer this proffesional service in both areas.

You may require their help for a ‘one off’ job, or for a long term contract, whichever you choose, I am confident that they will give you their undivided attention and provide the type of support that may be hard to find elsewhere. If you need something and it doesn’t appear to be here, please ask, I am confident they could help.

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Servicios de limpieza(1).jpg


  • Cleaning services for Companies
  • Domestic Cleaning services
  • Garden and Pool Maintenance
  • General household maintenance
  • Part time or full time home help staff. Cleaning, ironing, food preparation, purchasing, sewing, child care, pets …
  • Assistance for dependant people.

Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning
Cleaning offices, buildings, hotels, touristic apartments, communities, clubs, restaurants, schools, gyms, spas, water areas, parking …

Spot cleaning
Window cleaning, floors, graffiti, carpets, glazing, Problems in rental properties, substitute cleaners when your regular cleaner is on holiday, cleaning vomit etc.

First cleaning
Builders cleaning, Final cleaning work, cleaning up after disasters, cleaning for events, fairs …

Domestic Services

Help at home
House staff part or full time: cleaning, ironing, food preparation, purchasing, sewing, child care, pets … 

Home Services
Gardening, pool maintenance, plumbing, painting, electrical, masonry, metalwork, glassware … 

Assistance for dependent persons: 
Elderly, sick or disabled people: company, personal care, activities, accompaniment to medical visits, shopping for food or medicine with the elderly, food preparation, day and night …

 Quality Management

Social Security: The recruitment of staff complies with all applicable laws and it can be delivered to each customer’s proof of payment to Social Security of personnel hired. 
Liability: Fifty Solutions has signed a Liability policy with coverage of 300,000 €. 
Prevention of Occupational Risks: We strictly comply with all requirements specified in Article 24 of Law 31/1995 of 8 November on the Prevention of Occupational Risks. 
Health and Safety: We comply with all the rules relating to Health and Safety at Work as required by Regulation of the Prevention Services (RD 39/1997) in Article 16. 

Selection: Our professionals have been carefully selected by a department of planning and control services. 
Training: All staff receives ongoing training to ensure proper use of cleaning products, machines and Protective Equipment (PPE). 

The staff is subject to periodic inspection to check the quality of work, compliance with the requirements of each client and coordinate the Prevention of Occupational Risks. 

Product Sheets: All our products conform to European standards and technical specifications attached all of the products used.