Financial Advice for Spain

 Introducing safe, reliable, friendly, confidential financial advice

(for the Costa Brava and the whole of Spain)


Financial Advice is a difficult subject that requires the right person to provide reliable information, I have known this gentleman and known about this company over the years I’ve lived here, the company works all over Spain, but in other countries as well. With a head office in Barcelona but directly working with the Costa Brava they can give you good sound advice. They compete with less scrupulous companies, many of whom are using untrained advisers. This company pride themselves in giving clear, honest, unbiased information. They are not allied to any particular provider, bank etc, which means that if you want information they will look at all the options to give you the very best financial advice.

Although this is an English speaking company, they have clients from Holland, Germany etc and can help all nationalities trying to get the best financial help here in Spain. Don’t feel that if you only have a small pension etc that you are any less important, believe me, everyone can benefit from good financial information.

If the current economic climate is worrying you, you are not alone, nobody wants you to be worried, but making sure you are doing the right thing with you finances, is more important now than ever before. You may have concerns over low interest rates, understanding your pension options or Inheritance Tax and how that affects you and your beneficiaries?

Maybe you are so concerned that you are considering moving back to the UK, or another country of origin, please let us help you, the information you receive may well clarify your decision. I have come across people who have moved back to the UK, only to find that the grass is not as green as they thought, then it’s often too difficult to return here. Having the right financial information on which to base all your decisions is invaluable.


    • Investing for income in your retirement
    • Making the most of your pension
    • Minimising the amount of Spanish Tax
    • Inheritance Tax planning for Spain and the UK.
    • Tax in the Costa Brava
    • Advice in English
    • Moving to the Costa Brava advice

 For advice and assistance for your particular circumstances please click here to read about our financial adviser.