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 What choices are there for accommodation?

When families are visiting the Costa Brava to look at property, they don’t always want expensive hotels; it’s not the same as a holiday, sometimes you just need a comfortable bed and little else.

We know a few places, the prices can vary a lot depending on what time of the year you are looking and the type of accomodation, in fact in some cases a small hotel or hostal are cheaper than a B&B (see Private Hotels and Hospitality Venues). I am only showcasing a few properties but there is a great deal from which to choose. If you do stay with a family it can be very useful if you are considering a move here, having a chat and finding out the things only locals know…

You may require holiday accommodation of various sizes; I can recommend some fabulous houses and apartments for this purpose and introduce you to some excellent friendly Owners and Managers.

If you have a house to rent (with pool) please contact me and I can arrange a full service, meeting and greeting, full cleaning and mid cleaning and taking care of problems your guests may incur.

Have a look at Agents Showcase you will see this house, it is currently being used for both rental and B&B, as you can see it’s also for sale. When the family are there they are happy to provide a B&B service, but the accommodation is great for rental as well, ideal for more than one family. If you are considering a move here, this is a great business opportunity, so maybe you’d like to stay there and find out. It’s situated in the lovely rural area inland, close to Banyoles. I can highly recommend this area at any time of the year as it offers the perfect environment for those of you seeking the great outdoors, walking, cycling, horse riding, are all good ways to view this countryside, In the summer a swim in the lake is great fun and if it’s not too busy your children will see large fish swimming round them.

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A warm welcome awaits you at this lovely location which provides Bed and Breakfast in a luxury villa, under the personal supervision of the resident proprietors Joan and Trevor. This even featured on “A Place in the Sun”. Located in central Costa Brava it’s perfectly located for beautiful sandy beaches, scenic walks, golf courses, marinas and Girona Airport, which is 30 minutes away. Joan and Trevor guarantee that during your stay you will receive friendly service, with qualilty accomodation and be able to enjoy all the benefits of a luxury villa holiday at affordable Bed and Breakfast prices. The pool is heated you can enjoy the jacussi and there is even an outside table tennis table. So there is always something to do. I know this couple personally and I can confidently assure you that they will do everything in their power to make your stay a memorable one.