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Please take time to read this information. You may need a little guidance with anything connected with finance. Let me arrange an expert to deal with your questions, in the comfort of your own home

New Requirements for 2013 declare assets.

The form 720 is a chance to regularise affairs and it is also well designed to ensure future compliance.  It is broad legislation for the future.  As some examples of the width, here are people who have to report on Bank accounts:

Owners of accounts
Signatures of an account (even if the account is a company account)
Beneficiaries of an account (even if it is a company account)

As the legislation is primarily aimed at the Spanish methods of tax avoidance there is lots about private company shares.  This unfortunately also impacts on us.  However, we have the advantage that there are several exemptions also available to the international community.

The new requirements are comprehensive not harsh.  They only become harsh if the report is not made.  And the longer it is left the harsher it will become.

If you wish to discuss your situation you can do so with Barry in confidence.  Talking this through may allow us to go from a situation of worrying what could happen to a situation of having an understanding of what we can do to get some control of the situation.

 Getting the best financial advice is about more than financial expertise. It’s about: 

  • Having someone you can rely on. 
  • Knowing they are keeping up to date with financial information and knowledge, so that you get the best advice and great products.(6 monthly reviews)
  • Talking to you in plain English rather than jargon, so you really do know that they understand what they are advising you to do. 
  • Being confident that they are using their knowledge and expertise to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities or fall into any tax traps.
  • Having a relationship you value.

Our Experts make a point of nurturing a relationship with each client, as everybody has different requirements. Each and every one of you is different which means the advice and help they give you will be as individual as you are. 

Our aim is simple; to guide you through the financial implications, opportunities and pitfalls that living abroad brings. Especially in these times of recession, we need to make sure we don’t get caught out.

They pride themselves in tailoring their advice to meet the needs of individual clients and offering a full range of financial solutions; from simple off-the-shelf products to a carefully arranged mix of products tailored to achieve specific objectives. It all depends on you and your plans.


Taxation – Trusts – Investment Management- Pension Planning – Inheritance Tax – Financial Planning

Financial Services

Successful in the Independent Adviser marketplace, we are fully regulated in the UK and additionally authorised to advise clients across Europe. We have a team of fully qualified and regulated advisers operating and living in these jurisdictions.

Being independent they are not tied to any provider and can access the whole market to ensure we are providing clients with the most suitable and appropriate solutions.

Whilst we cover all aspects of financial services, below is a list of some of the most common concerns our clients have.

Are you with the right bank for the current situation in Spain? How much money do have in the Spanish bank?


Since the Introduction of Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) in 2006, the acronym has become ever increasingly prominent. However clients should be extremely cautious when considering whether a Qrops is right for them. Whilst Qrops themselves are regulated the advisers giving advice do not have to be, so BEWARE.

They have met many clients who have been paying fees of anything between 6 and 12%, which is very expensive.

Potential benefits of Qrops

  • Greater lump sum
  • No Inheritance Tax
  • Lower income tax
  • Wider investment choice
  • No Annuity, your choice
  • No currency risk

Pension Review

  • Many clients, who have moved to Spain, still have pension funds in the UK. Even if Qrops or Qnups are not right for you, you should still review your existing arrangements. If you have a pension fund in the UK, answer these simple questions:-
  • Do you know what fund your pension monies are in?
  • Are they in the right place for you?
  • How much are you paying to the pension provider?
  • If you are unsure on any of these points you should book a Pension Review meeting.
  • You may be invested in the stock market without knowing, and whilst your fund may be doing well today, it could fall substantially just before retirement leaving you with a much reduced income for the rest of your life.


Investors, big and small are facing some difficult times:-

  • *Low interest rates
  • *Reducing income, Low exchange rates
  • *Volatile Stock Markets
  • *19% Tax on an already low interest rate

These are just some of the concerns. However there are alternatives ranging from 100% secure investments with income to investments designed for the more aggressive investor. You need someone to listen to your concerns and to explain in plain English what is right for you. This will need to be reviewed every 6 months to ensure that your needs are still being met.

Inheritance Tax

Many clients have been residing in Spain for some time and they often believe they no longer have a liability to the HMRC for Inheritance Tax. How wrong they are, it is very difficult to lose your domicility in the UK, and that’s what drives your potential liability.

  • Do you know how much your Spouse will pay in Spain and the UK?
  • Do you know how much your beneficiary will pay?
  • How much do you want to leave the taxmen in UK and Spain?
  • If you don’t know the answers to these questions you may be surprised at your donation to the Tax Authorities.

If you would like more information or would like to arrange a Fee Free consultation,

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