Plumber- Electrician

Lampista (Plumber/ Electrician)

This is a good example of a service that is not a luxury item but even during a recession if you have a problem with plumbing or electrics, it has to be fixed, even if we’d rather not spend the money. So why not use someone with whom you feel confident? This team are reliable, will come out to emergencies, and don’t charge unrealistic prices. They’re pleasant to have around and I have no problem promoting them with ease. 

Even if you arrive here with electrical or plumbing knowledge, you may well get caught out, due to the way houses are built here, it’s very different from the UK and many other European countries, even getting into the plumbing and the electrics can be a feat which beats the best of us. Obviously it’s important to make sure the work is undertaken to a high standard and by people that know what they’re doing, a trained Lampista is essential.

I use this company for my own home and for my long term pool heating business. They are very friendly and great to work with, even before I knew them well I never minded having them in my home. They won’t leave you with half a job done, or dissatisfied.

Victor, Freddy and Carlos provide a great service, they speak pretty good English and if you have a problem explaining anything, I can help (no charge to help) They are diligent and they give superb customer care. If you have an emergency wherever you are, along the coast or inland, please let me know, they usually manage to come out, even in the weekends. Although they are based in the Girona area, I’ve seen them handle emergency calls in Roses and Barcelona.

I know other good Lampista’s if they’re not available, but this team are always my first choice. Call them for:-

  • Swimming pool plumbing and electrics.
  • General plumbing and electrics.
  • Boiler maintenance – or new boiler
  • Re-wiring
  • They offer a weekend or evening call out, for an additional fee.