Legal Advice


‘Cedula de Habitabilidad’ Complying with the Catalan law is the responsibility of each home owner, Brava Connect is not responsible, if this is not undertaken,’see our Gestor for more information’. Also speak to us regarding new laws for residents.

Due to this law, you may require responsible people to work on your home, all the companies we deal with are legal and would be happy to do the maintenance you may require. You will now need to list the companies you use.


See our Finacial Advisor for help with the new The form 720 Necesary to declare assets.


Lawyers and Gestors!

The Law is complicated wherever in the world one moves, but understanding the nuances of a new country can be a minefield, let us us put your mind at rest. We’d like to introduce you to Three contacts we know very well.

English Speaking Lawyers

I’d like to introduce you to Anna who is situated in Platja d’Aro and will work with clients up and down the coast, I am pleased to have both a male and female lawyer as I feel this will suit a wide selection of people. Anna is qualified in civil law. She is very clear when explaining complicated issues,

When buying property she will stand by you from beginning to end (See the client comment on the Home Page) giving a full conveyancing service, from looking round the property and making sure that you are not getting into any problems with regard to the quality of the build or the area in which it’s located etc. She will then advise on the price you are considering paying, plus the taxes and general costs you are expected to pay, to the town hall and notary, She will also make sure there are no outstanding debts on the property. You will also require an NIE number and Anna will make sure that all this is in place, she’ll prepare all documents to sign Title Deeds at the Notary’s, and confirm it is duly Registered in your name. and will accompany you to the Notary’s office when you sign just in case any problems may arise.

If you need any advice about the complex legal system in Spain, Anna can explain well, she is listed as a lawyer at the British Consulate, recommended as an English speaking lawyer on the list they offer to British citizens. That means that the Consulate takes care and confirms that she is a qualified lawyer and that she speaks English, they also confirm there are no claims against her at the Barcelona Law Bar. Anna has studied the vast differences between the Spanish and UK legal systems which are very different. If you are from the Netherlands or Germany etc, you will also notice vast differnces. If you are looking for a bank repossession property, Anna would like to help, The general public cannot purchase direct from the bank, talk to her for more information.


My other alternative is Daniel who I know well and is situated in Santa Cristina d’Aro, so is ideal for all the surrounding towns, however he too will undertake work anywhere, I know Daniel well and he is a friendly, helpful man. Daniel is a family man and will have great empathy with you and your family and any issues you are dealing with. He has also worked in industry and will be able to explain business issues.When you require an NIE number, he can arrange it, this will be necessary when purchasing property. Daniel specialises in labor and civil law. That means all matters relating to:-

  • Contracts (Dismissals,Large Claims,Sanctions,Modifications of the Working Conditions,Disability Allowances, Widowhood, Orphan hood and Benefits of Unemployment.)
  • Marriage (covering: Divorce, Separation, Descriptions,Regulating Covenants and Compensatory Financial Settlements)
  • Civil Contracting in General, Buying and Selling, Financial Leasing.
  • Real Estate(Purchasing and Selling Property, Leasing, Rights to View, Mortgages and Embargoes, Private Staff, Prohibition to Retain and Recover, Repossession and Inheritances)
  • Administrative (Tax Law, Nationality, Residency,)

 Choosing a lawyer whom you can trust and who is familiar with the elements of Spanish & Catalan Law that we may not understand, is absolutely essential. At some time or another we may all need legal help. Daniel also explained to me that keeping up with changes in Catalan law is a full time job. From one year to the next the law on many issues can change and you really do need someone who can confidently give you the correct advice. Brava Connect will direct you to these helpful people as soon as you need that help.If you would like an appointement with either of these lawyers, they are both happy to meet you and discuss your case FREE of charge for the first meeting. This will give you a chance make sure that you feel confident with them. If you prefer you can meet them both and make a well balanced decision.It is definitely advisable for a lawyer to handle your affairs when purchasing in Spain. Keep them in mind if you require Spanish wills. Do make sure you look into this, it is very important!  

English Speaking Gestor

The history of the Gestor originates from the days when illiteracy in Spain was very high and the bureaucracy was complicated and accountants and lawyers were out of reach to the general populace as their costs were so high. I can recommend this particular Gestor agency, they speak English, are very thorough, so important facts won’t be missed. They are most helpful and you can usually make an appointment to discuss certain matters quickly. They are situated in the centre of the costa in Platja d’Aro. A good Gestor is essential when living in Spain. They will guide you through the minefield of bureaucracy that nobody can be expected to understand, this will help you to settle in far more easily and with much less worry.  If you wish to become self employed  (Autonomous) you’ll need this service also they will then be available to:

  • Make an annual tax declaration on your behalf (for business).
  • Prepare your Spanish wills.
  • Transfer car ownership and registration.
  • Make an application for residency