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Are you purchasing property? Selling property or Renting property.

Or do you just Own a property in The Costa Brava, maybe you are not residing here all the time.

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In this section you can see the diverse group we are in contact with regularly

  • You may wish to rent your property, we can offer on the ground assistance all year round.
  • Or you may be looking for a property to rent. Let us put you in touch with people.
  • You may need help with your property, cleaning, maintenance, gardening, pool maintenance.
  • You may require a person to check the property from time to time. Maybe to open windows and air the rooms.

Let us introduce you to the right people, don’t waste time, we can direct you and help you.

For one to one property search talk to us direct, we will make sure you are in contact with the right agents and that you don’t waste time with houses which don’t interest you. When you have purchased your property, let us take care of it.