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‘Meet and Greet’ service.

From Santa Cristina d’Aro/ Sant Feliu de Guixols to Begur/Playa de Pals/Pals.

20 € per hour plus fuel 60c per km + IVA.

People say to Penny, “But our agent will do that”! Yes they will, but having a pair of independent eyes, someone who speaks English can call you any time you need to know what’s happening. That’s important. Even when I work with my associates I am still looking at the work independently. This gives a whole new focus to the job.

Brava Connect will meet and greet, arriving earlier to check the property after the last renter, to be sure that no damage has been done. We will explain how everything in the house works to your new guests. This also ensures that they are aware that if damage occurs, they will lose some or all of their deposit. However this will be done in a friendly professional manner.

Depending on the location of the rental property, we will arrange that the renter calls Brava Connect prior to arriving at the property. We will aim at being in your property at least half an hour earlier than the client is due to arrive. (If we are delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, or traffic etc, we will stay in touch with the client,during this time)

If the renter needs basic help during the weeks they are staying, Either Penny or her staff will come and sort out any problems. Penny is available by mobile 24 hours.

Taxi service can also be organised, from Girona airport or Caldes de Malavella railway station.

Brava Connect will still meet and greet even if you already have an agent arranging all other services. We will act as your eyes and ears, making sure that all is running smoothly.



Garden, House and Pool maintenance.

We can also arrange pool & garden maintenance and house cleaning with our associate company. We work closely and our aim is not only to provide the basic services, but to offer care for your home at all times of the year. This is the type of service you may receive from a really caring neighbour; any job required. This includes arranging for deliveries, arranging medical help in an emergency, literally anything you may require to help your home run smoothly and efficiently. This personal and checking service is 25€ per hour.

Cleaning and Gardening service 12.50 per hour + IVA.

Pool maintenance an example 8 x 4 pool from  April – October approx 700 € + IVA. This depends on location i.e. trees surrounding pool etc and the size pool, seldom exceeding 110 € per month +IVA.

The rest of the year we can keep your pool in a winter state using chemicals and with fewer visits, which would be quoted as extra. If more extensive pool maintenance is required we will quote accordingly.

This means that if you need items mended, or new products for the villa, or general maintenance, electrician/plumber etc this can be arranged. Call Penny at Brava Connect, she will contact this unique company.

All specialist maintenance will be priced individually and for enquiries from clients the owner would be informed.



Echo Pool Heating.

To extend the rental potential of a property we recommend a pool heater. This system is not solar, which in our opinion takes up too much space, can be unsightly and can be blown away in bad locations, solar is also very expensive to install. These heat pumps use the warm air in the atmosphere. 

Swimming pools are warming up by mid June and cooling down by early September. Using an air heat pump you can extend the rental potential of a property. We would suggest a heat pump from April onward, and up until October (weather permitting it can be longer & depending on location, pool covers recommended).

2,995€ + IVA for 8 x 4 pool.  3,995 € + IVA for an 8 x 10 pool. Installation depending on location quoted separately.

These heat pumps must be positioned outside the pool pump room, but not necessarily close to the pool, to gain full advantage of air temperature. Titanium heat exchanger. High quality compressor (Hitachi or similar make) Stainless steel outer casing. ideal for Costa Brava environment.

5 year guarantee for Heat exchanger and compressor and 2 years for all other parts. All parts stored in Calonge, Costa Brava.

Transport: to be priced for each delivery, depending on transport provider. (Pool heaters must be transported in an upright position.)








Echo LED Lighting technology for Swimming Pools.

Highly recommended as renters often leave lights on. By using this system, the cost of lighting your pool is minimal. The system has remote control so you can regulate the lighting from the balcony of many houses.

There are various setting for different colours and for lively parties, a disco setting.


There are over 250 tiny LED bulbs in each PAR56 lens, this is future is energy efficient and all lighting will one day use the same LED technology that goes into these pool lights.

We offer the best 100,000 hour lifetime guarantee that can be found anywhere on the market today – we will match any offer based on the equivalent product in Spain or anywhere else.

Combinations of individual coloured LEDs are mixed and matched to achieve a vibrant spectrum of colours.  You can either fix the colour, the start position being the nearest equivalent to a standard halogen pool light setting – or have colour changing combinations, everything from a slow merge or bleed to a fast flashing disco theme – great for terrace pool parties with lots of music and dancing.

These combinations are power sequenced to illuminate and cycle through colours at varying speeds, and in different sequences of colour.

Combined with a custom reflector and unique lens design, this system offers super efficiency while being the brightest yet most energy efficient underwater LED light available.

         ·        A superior reflector design assures more light is directed toward the pool bottom to further increase intensity and colour effects, while minimizing glare

         ·        Superior lens geometry distributes light in an optimum way to avoid “hot spots” on the pool bottom. Light intensity and colour are distributed more uniformly throughout your pool

         ·        Starburst technology makes use of the brightest and most energy efficient LED’s available in underwater pool lights – up to 50% less energy consumption than other bulbs on the market.

         ·        Set one of 4 predetermined fixed colours to match or create the mood for the evening –  or select from 8 popular “colour shows” that come preprogrammed into the Starburst bulb

         ·        Starburst LEDs are designed to work with a branded remote control module which is tough and responsive.

         ·        Contact us if you have a commercial pool and wish to integrate your pool lighting matrix with a sound system to interface a sequential light show with music.


Cost of lighting pool using Standard 500W bulbs.

Standard 300/500W Pool light approx €40 (₤27) x 5 (lifetime of pool – 20 years £135

Annual running costs for Standard lights in pool with two lights,

5 hours/night ₤525 x 20 years £10,500.00

Cost of Replacement Astralpool LumiPlus/ Colorplus

2 x Bulbs at €715.00 €1430.00

Remote controller and receiver €800.00 € 800.00

ASTRAL Total A MASSIVE €2230.00


Cost of lighting with our Echo system!

2 x of these Starburst Multicolour bulbs @ €275.00 x 2 – €550.00

Integrated Receiver and remote controller: No Charge!

Pay for the cost of heating your pool by offsetting the costs by reducing the cost of the lighting by replacing your existing pool lights with Starburst LED bulbs.

Starburst LED bulbs Technical Specification:

Replacement PAR56 bulbs

260 LEDs

 Equivalent light output to 500W halogen bulb (16000mcd/LED)

80,000 hour life.



 Catering Service, door to door.


We’d like to introduce a friendly catering service for your guests, much of the cooking can be done in the kitchen of the rental house:-

Menu’s Available, please contact for options:

Breakfast (for Begur houses only)

One off dinners or celebrations, party’s etc. Regular dinners. Or arrival buffet.

Prices from 15€ per head to 35€ per head

Terms and conditions available, please ask!

60c per km fuel + menu price.

(This service also includes residents in The Costa Brava all year round)



If you require any other ancillary services which have not been mentioned in the above list, please contact Penny. We may well be able to help you. 


 We aim to provide clients with a high standard efficient service; however, Brava Connect cannot take responsibility for problems occurring outside our control with associate providers. We do choose our associate providers with care and they all have a good local reputation.

However, if a problem does occur we will work on your behalf to try to correct it as fast as possible.