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 About Ecopro:

This is the only business on the website which I do myself. I started Ecopro with just pool heating, but I have realised that having a person on the ground when looking for products is helpful, especially when you don’t live here all the time. I am not a pool shop. If you need a particular product for your pool or garden, let me know and I’ll hunt it out for you. I pick out the best. So that my clients can go to one place knowing I’ve done all the leg work. I either sell direct or put you in touch with the best people.

I also have some interesting products, chosen for looks, durability, suitability for the Costa Brava environment and where I believe thought has gone into the manufacture. When I started Ecopro I was aiming at eco products only, the pool heaters are a very good example of this.  I still aim to find products which will be relatively economical to run, but I’m also looking at style and quality.

Each page shows certain products, So far I have swimming pool heating, Jacuzzi’s & Sauna, and extra’s.

Jacuzzi’s are not just a luxury item, see further on!

So if you have a swimming pool.  How about heating it economically for as little as 1€ per day?

This is always particularly interesting if you have a rental property.  Enjoy summer warmth in your pool for as much as 8 months of the year.

In the Costa Brava as we don’t have warm pools for as long as they do in the south of Spain, (and even clients from further south buy pool heaters) even in June the weather is warm but pools can be chilly, it’s only in July and August that pools here are really warm, and even then, a bit of bad weather at night will bring the temperature’s back down. If you and your family visit outside the summer season this won’t be luxury it will be a very cost effective necessity.

Our range of attractive, compact, well designed, pool heat pumps are efficient, very economical and quiet. We have a deluxe range which really stands out in the market.

So let your family really enjoy your pool, if you rent your house out, how good to know that outside the season you and you family will still be able to swim! Many of my clients charge extra for pool heating to renters, and yet the cost to them is minimal. Pool covers and LED Eco pool lights are also available.

I am now pleased to present another range of products. I used to think that a Jacuzzi was a luxury item. How wrong was I!

Yes, it can be a luxury addition when you already have a pool. But why not consider this! If you are thinking about installing a pool but are concerned about the cost of water nowadays or you don’t have the space, a Jacuzzi could be the answer. We even gave a jacissi which is more like a pool but taking up half the space, designed so that you can swim against the current. And you can use it throughout the year, Added to this are the therapeutic advantages, massaging those aching bones, or relaxing you after a heavy day. Most people that have a jacuzzi rave about them and wouldn’t be without them.

Building a pool?: We can arrange for our builders to build you the swimming pool of your choice then Adding pool heating to a new pool is extremely straight forward and will put value on your home if you are considering selling. For this I would suggest the economy range, inexpensive to purchase and still offering your buyer something special, and you can tell them that it is not an expensive system to run. Many people have been put of pool heating because they had a gas or oil system in the past, these are the models of the past and are unbelievably expensive to run, whereas we can assure people that the system only uses a small amount of electricity, with a

Pool built by Jordi

cover this is even better. The company which manufactures our machines provided solar heating in the past. Solar pool heating sounds fantastic until you try to figure out where to put it and realise how much space you will need, also in the Costa Brava we have times when the sun is not shining every day, this will effect the heat in the pool if you are using solar. However, with our system if the pool begins to cool, it will automatically top up the necessary heat to reach your desired temperature. We can also provide SMS systems. so if you live in Germany for example and wish to turn your heater on a week before arriving, you can. Or if you are renting a property here, you can organise the heat from your home in another country.