Eco Pool Lights/Floating Lights/Ancillary items

A number of useful and eco items for your pool

These eco lights are LED rather than the expensive Tungsten. If you have a rental property your guests may not be as sensible as you , they are known to leave lights on, sometimes all day, costing the owner far more money than necessary. This system is fabulous, with various colours, even disco for parties plus a remote control, so you can change settings from a distance, maybe looking down on your pool from a terrace. You can set the time for the lights and they will turn off automatically

Beautiful coloured eco lights/ various settings

LED Low Energy Swimming Pool Lighting System replacement pool light bulbs par56

Why invest in your beautiful swimming pool, then don’t use it because it is too cold, and don’t see it because exotic lighting is too expensive to install and run

Ever wanted Spectacular pool lighting like in those fancy Caribbean hotels?
Don’t like leaving your pool lights on because of the huge cost?
The running costs of both heating the pool and lighting it up is too much?

Introducing STARBURST LED Low energy consumption lighting system.

We can supply Spain, France, UK and other parts of Europe with high quality swimming pool heating and lighting products are incredible prices.

CHANGE TO STARBURST LED Energy Saving par 56 bulbs and save enough money to leave your lights on every evening that will pay for the running of a pool heater!

Simply swap your existing bulb – Its simple!

Saving Up to 33 x more economical to Run than a standard 500W Pool Bulb  SAVE MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT

Starburst bulbs last 10 x longer than a standard pool light. Nobody else comes close on price.

2 x Starburst Multicolour bulbs @ €275.00 x 2 – €550.00 +Iva

Integrated Receiver and remote controller: No Charge! Pay for the cost of heating your pool by offsetting the costs by reducing the cost of the lighting by replacing your existing pool lights with Starburst LED bulbs Starburst LED bulbs Technical Specification:
Replacement PAR56 bulbs
260 LEDs
equivalent light output to 500W halogen bulb (16000mcd/LED) 80 000 hour life Lifetime guarantee

Pool Cover roller for manual system

Globe Lights

These are really magnificent! They can either float on your pool or be dotted around a garden or terrace, or even used in the house. They change colour or stay one colour. They are LED and a 3 hour charge will last 8 hours.

These are 169 +IVA you don’t need many for a wonderful effect, even one in a good position in a dark corner will make a big difference.

They come in various shapes. from round to more of a tear shap. n(picture coming)

Pool Covers

Although it’s not absolutely essential to have a pool cover with a pool heater, in some cases people feel it spoils the look of the pool. But I would recommend it if you want the best economy. Obviously during the summer season the main two months of July and August in The Costa Brava the water usually stays warm at night, however during the months on either side the nights can get considerably cooler and keeping the heat in is very important.

If you are situated in The South of Spain or The Canary Islands you will have a much longer season than we do here. So when looking at the pool heating page keep in mind that you will have an even more economical result.

Prices vary depending on what you want and on the size and shape of your swimming pool.

If you have a simple rectangle it easier to provide a manual pool cover at a good price, if your cover is an odd shape, we will need to give extra time to measure it and usually there is a bit more waste in the cutting.

All our average heating examples are taken from covered pools.

Your next decision is what kind of pool cover? I can put you in touch with the companies who can provide a fully covered swimming area, like a dome over the pool, these are fantastic, but not cheap.

Then there are various electric systems, again I need to know exactly what you require. Following in my eco direction, you can also have a pool cover powered by solar. I can give you individual prices for these. These are wonderful but the cost reflects the technology.  Some people require a cover that lies flush on the water, some prefer a system that sits at the bottom of the pool and doesn’t show.

  • The Mediterranean Electric Safety Cover. The most popular system, keeping animals and children safe.
  • Caribbean Fully Automated Safety Pool Cover with Solar Power Unit
  • Laminate Swimming Pool Safety Cover (persiana) ATLANTIC Model

I can send you pictures of all these ranges.

If you need chemicals for your pool let me know.