The Ecopro Pool Heating Range

Two choices of popular air Pool Heating

This is not Solar pool heating, it’s far more economical and the results are fantastic. With solar you need a massive amount of space for the panels, which can be dislodged in strong Costa Brava (Tramontana) winds. Also with Solar heating, you are relying on the sun and a few cloudy days would make a difference. With both systems I show here, the weather does not affect the heat in the same way. Although a pool cover is always recommended outside the very warm summer season. people are buying these machines all over Spain and the Spanish Islands, plus France, Portugal, and in fact anywhere where a warm pool will make a difference both for family fun and to upgrade your property value or rental potential. Ecopro can send a machine anywhere in Spain and Europe. (Instillation is Costa Brava only) Swim for 8 months of the year, for as little as 1€ per day!   

Stock in Costa Brava

Air heat pumps from Ecopro take warm air from the atmosphere which is then run through a heat exchanger to warm the water in the pool, for as little as 1€ per day.  After a number of years selling this against others on the market, I can say with complete faith that these are superior machine and are far quieter than others, this factor can be the reason that many customers choose these pool heaters.  Some heaters can work well, but if it’s noisy it is not pleasant to own.  If the machines are under guarantee, and a part is required, all you need to do is save the part, we will order new and take the old part away.  All parts are stored in The Costa Brava, so there is not a long wait.  Components are not required often but it’s good to know that you will receive a quick (English style) service.

First! The RBH SUPER range for 8 x 4 and 10 x 5 pools


 RBH SUPER – One slightly smaller than other.
The RBH 185 SUPER is a fabulous machine heats a 10 x 5 swimming pool, manufactured to a very high specification. it’s incredibly quiet, 316L marine grade stainless steel with a 100% titanium heat exchanger.  Even containing a scroll compressor, which is normally only found in industrial models.  With military grade components these heat pumps come with a five year warranty on major parts and achieve unrivalled efficiency and reliability and are regarded as the Rolls Royce of pool heaters. A powerful swimming pool heat pump heater with a massive output of 17.5kW with a consumption of just 2.6kW. On a standard electricity tariff this unit will cost around 26p/hour to run. This unit is perfect to heat a 10m x 5m swimming pool in most areas of central and southern Europe.

The RBH 125 SUPER is a great success, and fits neatly into even quite small gardens.  Blending well and can be concealed easily behind rocks and vegetation.  This swimming pool heat pump has a fantastic reputation for economy and reliability.  This unit costs less than 1 € per day to heat an 8m x 4m swimming pool in Spain, France, Algarve Portugal and most parts of the UK.It’s extremely quiet.  

Call me to discuss your personal requirements.

Our original models sold with spectacular results, (parts still available) these are the next model on in technology from our that and the specification for these models is very high, manufactured to suit the Costa Brava climate. We can also send to Southern Spain, The Balearic Islands,Portugal, France in fact anywhere that would benefit by a warm pool this system really stands out in the current market place (Its not Solar pool heating, it’s far more economical). They are far more attractive than much of the competition and will not look out of place even in a smaller garden. However it is necessary to place them outside within 10 metres of your pool house, (caseta or pod). They must not be placed under any overhanging wall etc and need to have air all around them, although they can still be only cms from a wall. They are both stainless steel, so will continue to look good for a longer period of time.

All pumps and parts for RBH Super pool heaters are stored in Calonge,  The Zodiac heaters are also local products and parts for them are also easily available, so we can provide a fast efficient service, If you require it we can arrange installation by our qualified lampista. Outside the Costa Brava carriage prices can be supplied.We can deliver to any other part of Europe.

 If you are located outside the Costa Brava, in Spain or Europe, pool heaters can be delivered. Please contact me for more information.

These pictures show the RBH 185 SUPER in situ. See how well it blends in and it can be easily placed in your garden to provide high efficiency. This machine has the components normally only found in industrial pool heating, and yet very quiet for a pool heater of this calibre. You will go a long way to find a better machine for the pool size and the price.

If you are landscaping your garden think about the ideal place for your heat pump, but if you only have room on a terrace, don’t worry it’s not unsightly and you can always build a fence around it or attach it to a wall. A cover is available for the winter months if required.

With regard to all our models, during the winter, drain your machine of water and then if you have a frost it will not damage the heat exchanger.

Second! Zodiac, for 8 x 4 and 10 x 5 pools.

This is more standard design for pool heating , with the air fan at the front of the machine and the area for airflow at the back and the side. Quite useful if you have an overhanging building, this can still be placed in that type of position. It is a white machine with a plastic coating.

Please let me know what period of the year you will need the Zodiac pool heater as this reflects on the type we recommend.

The recommended times are approximately from 1st March to 30th October or 1st April to 30th October.

This range costs a little less than the range above, about 450€ less for an 8 x 4 pool for example, so it really is more a matter of taste, if you call me I can talk you through it.

Please let us know if you require eco pool lights, covers, slides, diving boards or other pool items, we can supply a wide range of these products.